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[A LETTER] and Tips from NCC’s Green Diva

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As many of you may or may not know, The National Conference Center is a green property. We can accredit the success of our green initiatives back to a conference center staff who is dedicated to sustainability, our dedicated green team, and NCC’s Green Diva, Pat Trammell who serves as the Director of the Green Team also known as NCC’s Green Diva. Today, Friday April 15th, 2011 NCC is celebrating Earth Day a week early and kicking off a week of green blog posts. Pat has written a few tips on how you can be green in your home or office too:

Hi All,

As Earth Day is approaching you may be wondering how you can have an impact on Earth day and every day. As Chairman of The National Conference Center’s Green Team I plan events for our Earth Day celebration and help set policies and procedure to keep NCC green. As a mother and member of my community I try to be eco-friendly at home on my little piece of the planet. So, I have listed a few things you can do to have a green impact on your piece of the planet -

  1. Recycle: Nearly every community has some type of recycling pick up or drop off. Recycling helps reduce waste and saves energy. 1 ton of recycled paper saves 21 trees, imagine how many trees you could save over your lifetime.
  2. Use recycled paper and plastic products: Look for the post-consumable content. The higher the post-consumables, the more eco-friendly the product.
  3. Donate: Everyone is aware that clothing can be donated, but now there are many other items that are accepted as recyclables. Some charities will pickup used electronics and furniture. Before you throw it out, call your local charities to see if it can be donated. You could possibly receive tax deductions for your donations too.
  4. Plant something: Plant anything that makes you feel good. My daughter and I planted a tree in my tiny back yard twenty years ago. She is now 25 years old. We had a great time planting it together and have many memories of watching it grow. Unfortunately, a storm damaged it a few years ago and it had to be removed. Now I am looking forward to planting a new one with my future grandchildren. If you have limited space, you could plant a Bonsai, fill pots with your favorite flowers or grow an herb garden in a window box. Fresh herbs to place in your favorite dish? Now that sounds tasty.
  5. Change your Light bulbs: Time to get rid of those incandescent bulbs. When you switch to Compact Florescent Lights (CFLs) you will save time, energy and money. CFLs last 6-10 times longer so you don’t have to climb that ladder as often. They’re also more energy efficient and will save you money. You can save up $10.00 per bulb per year or $200-$500 depending on how many bulbs are in your house. Interested in more? You may be interested in the article, “CFL Light Bulbs = Bigger Wallets“.

What ways are you going green in your house or at the office? We hope NCC can serve as a resource for any person looking to become eco-sustainable.  Questions? You can always tweet me at NCCGreenDiva.

Pat Trammell
NCC’s Green Team Leader & Green Diva


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