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How can I reduce this OUTRAGEOUS electric bill?: Tips from NCC’s Green Diva

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In our monthly Green Diva series, Pat Trammell NCC’s Green Team Leader or shall we call her “Chief Sustainability Officer” shares tips on how to become eco-friendly and ways to save green while being green. Pat’s last post focused on how to make every day Earth Day. Today, she’ll tell you how YOU can save money on your outrageous electric bill with a special Mother’s Day twist.

Hi all,

In my efforts to continue to green my piece of the planet, I have been checking on ways to reduce the energy consumption at home. I logged onto the web site for my electric company and discovered a bounty of information. Virginia Dominion power has many tools and programs to assist me with my quest.

While checking on savings I noticed a $4.00 credit had been applied to my monthly statement for nearly 15 years. Apparently when we first moved in, my mother arranged to have the electric company install a water heater control. This devise was installed for free. It saves energy by turning off the power to the water heater late evening and during low peak. I had never noticed it. We always have plenty of hot water when needed. In fact no one in my family has every complained of a lack of hot water, even when I reduced the water temperature setting.  My mother always paid the electric bill. So over the 15 years that she paid the bill she managed to add $720 to her bottom line.  Mom was always ahead of the times.

My NCC Green Diva Tip for you: Visit your electric company’s web site. There are tips and programs on how to save energy which will help green the planet and you pockets. See if you can have a water heater control installed by your power company.

To all the mothers, Happy Mother’s Day! With her humbleness and innovative ideas, the phrase, “You are just like your mom” makes me proud to think there isn’t anyone else I would rather be like. I motivate you to inspire your daughters to be green this year and every year!

Thank you for allowing me to share my green tips with you this week.


Pat Trammell
NCC Greem Team Leader & Green Diva

Have another tip to reducing the outrageous electric bill? Tell us below – we’re interested to know.

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