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Telling a Story Through Pictures & Food

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We may blog about Farm to Table often, but for guests/attendees who aren’t reading our blog, we help to tell this story through pictures and our food. Small labeled menu cards in our dining room distinguish which items are local and the area they were grown in such as Winchester, Virginia. An enlarged picture of Executive Chef Craig Mason and Farmer Dave, a source of our local produce at David & Linda Lay’s Mercantile are prominently displayed behind the salad bar and proudly explains our story of Farm to Table.

On the other hand, we have cooks who have been with us for years and become specialized in particular dishes. We wanted to highlight them through photos and a story of what first striked their interest in cooking. Photos of our Omelette Lady Paula Steves and soup connoisseur Ana Guzman are placed at their station, touting their story and describing why they’re so passionate about cooking. The next time you’re at The National Conference Center, stop and read their stories. You’ll understand why we appreciate serving you local goods over the other stuff and why our guests have such a connection to their food.

Farm to Table is a program and our promise to source locally grown produce and ingredients whenever possible. We define local as 150 miles within the conference center.

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