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Why Conference Centers are More Conducive for Learning than Hotels

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Do you read the post last week, Why Planners will say NO to Hotels? We briefly mentioned the differences in a conference center and a hotel and what makes up the productive environment at a conference center. We’re proud to release the published version of the white paper that answers this question…

Why are conference centers more conducive for learning than hotels?

As long as ROI and productivity are a priority, planners will be saying ‘NO’ to hotels and looking for a conference center to meet their needs. In the winter issue of Meeting Discoveries the white paper, Why Conference Centers are More Conducive for Learning than Hotels explores what elements must be present for a productive learning environment.

Research from DEGW and expertise from Conference Center Consulting Group supports that conference centers are more conducive for learning than hotels. The white paper uncovers where hotels fall-short and lists elements that exist at a conference center for successful meetings. Find out the benefits that organizations reap when they train at a conference center from comfort and practicability in ergonomic chairs to the shape of the rooms.

How does your meeting productivity measure in comparison to conference centers and hotels? Do you agree or disagree with the white paper? What is the most important to you in terms of the site and the meeting?

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