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Where the heck does your uneaten food go?

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A student in the agroecology program at Florida International University
made prior arrangements with ARAMARK to compost food-waste in a nearby garden

Did you tune into Food Network’s special, “The Big Waste“, a show where big name chefs like Bobby Flay are challenged to create a multi-course gourmet meal with food that would have otherwise gone to waste. Waste reduction at ARAMARK is also a huge initiative to help create a positive impact on the environment. As a property in the ARAMARK conference center collection, we’re currently taking great strides to reduce solid waste, over-production and create a smaller carbon footprint.

So, where the heck does your uneaten food go?

Currently, our food and beverage department is accumulating all your wastes daily to process in a food pulper, which are then disposed in a trash compactor and weighed. Executive Chef Craig Mason says all of this helps NCC’s food and beverage department adjust production methods and essentially do our part by not placing as much in the landfills (less sold waste and a smaller carbon footprint). In other efforts to reduce over-production, leftovers are also being tracked and weighed. ARAMARK properties from hospitals to universities are energetic about making a positive impact, such as converting solid waste into fertilizer and fuel. Read about the other ways ARAMARK is protecting the environment.

Is there a small step you suggest for people to reduce their carbon footprint? Tell us below.


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