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Part of what makes an experience at The National so memorable is our food, whether you’re grabbing a snack in the Black Olive or experiencing a beautiful banquet in West Belmont Place, or eating meals in the Dining Room during a workshop week. From planning to the plate, that experience is largely due to the hard work and vision of Todd Goldian.

Todd’s progression, from an innovative Executive Chef and leader in our kitchens to Food and Beverage Director, has brought The National forward in the culinary world. Going far beyond what’s come to be expected from conference venues, Todd makes sure every presentation or food experience is exceptional and unique. For our farm-to-table concept, for example, he had farmers literally working with the culinary team, meeting with the sales team, and coming into the kitchen as part of the chef table experience.

Todd’s approach changed the food focus at The National from serving meals to dining, with an emphasis on the experience. His organization of the culinary team allows The National to serve diverse audiences, each with expectations, special requests and dietarian concerns, every day. We are excited to see what Todd will do next and congratulate him on a well-deserved promotion!

Todd is very pleased to share the limelight with our new Executive Chef, Frank Estremera, whom we are welcoming back to Loudoun as he debuts in Dulles Chambers DISHED Chef Showdown. More about Executive Chef Frank Estremera in our next newsletter.

BBQ Secret

Smoky, kicky and a little bit sweet! The secret to spring grilling isn’t in the sauce – it’s in the rub! The National’s Kitchen secret is out.

1 T Kosher Salt
2 t. Guajillo Chile powder
1 t. Smoke Powder (optional but a great addition)
2 t. Ground Coriander
2 t. Smoked Paprika
2 t. Cumin
1 t. Ground Thyme
pinch Ground Ancho Chile Powder
2 t. Ground Chipotle Powder
1 t. Ground Anaheim Chile Powder
2 t. Garlic Powder
1 t. Ground Mustard
1 t. Marjoram
1 t. Dark Brown Sugar

Mix all ingredients thoroughly and store in an air-tight container. To prep ribs, beef, chicken or pork, coat meat with rub 20-40 minutes before grilling. Because this rub contains salt, don’t apply to meat for longer than an hour before cooking.

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