Getting More Productivity Out of Your Northern Virginia Meeting

When you’re planning a meeting in Northern Virginia, you’ll want to make sure your event  is as productive as possible. Northern Virginia is home to several modern meeting venues that provide easy access to area restaurants and attractions. Inviting guests to a conference center or state-of-the-art venue can help attendees be inspired and productive. Here are some tips to get more productivity out of your Northern Virginia meeting:

Tips for More Productive Meetings

  1. Send out agendas in advance. Give everyone a chance to prepare for the meeting by sending out meeting agendas in advance. These can be as detailed or as simple as you want them to be with the goal being that every attendee has a fair idea of what will be discussed.
  2. Host focus sessions. If you’re covering several topics throughout the day or over a few days, consider condensing them down into short but highly focused sessions with longer breaks in between. This can help attendees better understand the material.
  3. Encourage networking. You may have a mix of local and out-of-town guests at your Northern Virginia meeting so you’ll want to make sure everyone is comfortable with the group. Host a networking event before or during the meeting at an area restaurant or on the property where the meeting is taking place.

Meeting Planning in Northern Virginia
You’ll find several meeting venues around Northern Virginia but only some offer modern amenities and the latest technologies to make your event a success. Host your next meeting at The National Conference Center for its distraction-free setting. With more than 265,000 square feet of event space and sophisticated presentation technology, you can look forward to hosting a productive meeting. Learn more about meeting services available at The National Conference Center.

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