Letting you in on a National Secret

Just the name lends an air of mystery: The National Secret. The only real secret here is how many ways we’ve transformed this luxurious private room into something special during a training week, for a wedding after party, or as the setting for a very special client dinner.

Rumor has it that the National Secret was a nickname first. Tucked behind the Black Olive Bar & Grill, the space was designed to be a quieter, living room option for guests. When a speak-easy window, requiring a password, was added for a Prohibition Era theme party, the National Secret concept stuck.

Recently the room played host to a meeting of directors who were expecting their usual room following lunch. Instead, they were delivered invitations to the National Secret where members sank into the deep sofas and set aside their formal agenda. What followed was a productive brainstorming session about future direction – aided by the private and relaxed seating instead of a formal boardroom setting.

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