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There’s An Exciting New Discovery in The Meetings Industry

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

What’s tiring and arrives in the afternoon? If you answered sugar rush, that’s right. In the Spring issue of Meeting Discoveries, a quarterly white paper series published by The National Conference Center, the article “The Science of Food for Thought: Enhancing Meetings Through Food” elaborates on how to have the most productive meetings – with food. Research by Andrea Sullivan, M.A. of BrainStrength Systems and Executive Chef Craig Mason of The National Conference Center come together to create the first issue in the Meeting Discoveries series.

Surprises and things you’ll discover -

  • The main thing that impacts whether the brain is stimulated or relaxed
  • What Andrea Sullivan recommends as a great local product
  • Foods Executive Chef Craig Mason considers best morning and afternoon snacks
  • Chocolate paired with what secret item makes the perfect brain food for a sweet tooth
  • The 14 Top Brain Meeting Foods for better performance and… mood

Read the FULL White Paper here, The Science of Food for Thought: Enhancing Meetings Through Food

Have comments, suggestions or your own experience with brain friendly foods? Let us know, we’re interested to hear your feedback.

We love food for thought!

Food for Thought with Executive Chef Craig Mason

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Whether you’re interested in food that will increase your cognitive memory or you’ll be introduced to the concept at IACC 2011 for Andrea Sullivan’s “Meet & Eat,” food research seems to fascinate people and have them questioning: Am I feeding my brain the right food? In this YouTube video, Executive Chef Craig Mason speaks about food for thought trends at NCC. Food for thought are items known to provide nutrients for your brain to fight off afternoon fatigue and increase cognitive memory, helpful for full functionality at work and in meetings or at conferences. Check out more below in our YouTube series, Lessons In The Kitchen with Chef Craig Mason.