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“Reverse” Tradeshows: The Value of One-on-One

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Most meeting planners and meeting facilities have attended a trade show in the extent of their career.

The “typical” trade show organized by industry, allows companies to exhibit their latest product or service. In the case of meeting and conference planners, they’ll visit 50 – 100+ supplier booths.  The “typical” trade show is seeing a change in interest as the industry moves to virtual exhibits and one-on-one interactions.

One-on-One Trade Shows – The Perks

  • Immediate Results – the “reverse” trade show, or one-on-one show bring immediate results.

  • Pre-plan = Increased Productivity – Reviewing the attendee list in advance allows you to research, prepare and know (and decide) who you’ll meet with.  This creates a level of pre-qualification that contributes to the productiveness of the meetings, which is an advantage for both your time and theirs too.

  • Connect in a new way – the format provides a better way for meeting venues to connect with meeting planners in a collaborative sense and discuss qualified opportunities and leads right then and there (and vice versa).

  • Ensure you’ll meet who you’re looking for - Traditional exposition conferences do not guarantee you will meet your potential client or prospect venue. At one-on-one trade shows you’re more likely to be matched up with your potential client based on choosing each other prior to the event.

  • You’ll be happier – By design this new format is far more productive and predictable.  It’s a win-win for planners and suppliers as we can all meet our goals.  In our economic climate, this is critical.

Successful “Reverse” Trade Shows:

  • Connect - conferences and one-on-one trade shows for meeting organizers of association and specialty association  meetings and events (SMERF).  “Reverse” trade-show(Read more and want to attend the 2011 show? August 25- 28 2011 – Chicago, IL)

  • Rejuvenate marketplace – conferences and one-on-one trade shows for religious group organizers.  (Read more and want to attend the 2011 show? October 2011 – San Jose, CA)

  • Collaborate - conferences and on-on-one trade shows for corporate group organizers and meeting planners. The 2011 show will be the first of the Collaborate shows. It follows the same format as Connect and Rejuvenate Marketplace, all produced by Collinson Media & Events.  (Read more and want to attend the first show? April 10-14th – Orlando, FL)

To learn about Connect, Rejuvenate and Collaborate visit Collinson Media & Events.