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Creating an Online Personality for Your Conference

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Packaging Your Conference’s Brand

In the post “If Pre-Conference Engagement Were a Marathon,” we discussed ways to engage your attendees on social media before conferences and meetings. For those who plan to engage with their attendees (and it is a good idea), you must know several things that come with the role of engagement. In most cases, companies hosting training for their employees already know who their audience is, but should take several things into consideration:

  1. What is the strategy? Know your strategy or purpose in promoting engagement among your attendees and possibly creating separate Twitter and Facebook accounts for the conference. You should also have realistic goals and situations in place for the pre-conference engagement! The strategy is most likely determined by what you hope to achieve.

  2. What social media platforms relate best to the brand? Pin-point your attendees for the conference and know where they’re hanging out. The key to engagement is to be where they are. Once you’ve determined their hang-out, you can begin promoting your presence to them. You won’t reach your audience if you’re anywhere else but where they are, instead you’ll find that you’re just “shouting” which never brings results. It’s also great to promote these efforts offline on print materials, promotional products before the conference or in non-traditional social media such as an e-newsletter.

  3. Who will handle all social media for pre-conference engagement? And, what’s the voice/personality of the conference?These questions go hand-in-hand. Never leave social media to an intern – it’s your brand on-the-line, even if it’s just a platform for the conference. Decide who all will control the social media accounts and the personality of the conference. Is the conference for an IT company or a healthcare provider?  Each have a different message, audience, personality, and voice.

  4. Don’t forget to be engaging, witty, fun, and informative. All of these play a role in maintaining a following that keeps coming back for more. It also  coincides with the personality of your conference. As mentioned in If Pre-Conference Engagement Were a Marathon, give attendees full reign to control the brand. Notice what blogs and links receive the most attention – and write more on the subject. Steer away from articles that don’t receive much attention from your audience. Go as far as letting the attendees choose your brand photo.

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If Pre-Conference Engagement Were a Marathon

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Increasingly, we’re receiving more requests  from clients that wish to use our photography in their e-newsletters, Facebook fan pages, and more.  What does this mean?  Well, different from the typical trade show or annual conference that hopes to boost attendance – companies are attempting to boost excitement in the attendees pre-conference and more specifically, there’s a trend in using social media to engage their employees.

What is pre-conference engagement were a marathon?

  • They’ll run if they want to and tell you when they don’t – it’s true. Consumers have control of all brands out there, despite if companies believe they’re in control. Afterall, consumers dictate the decisions of all companies. And, in all successful social media strategies, consumers have a voice and control the brand as well. Attendees will want to create the content of your conference as well and you should let have a say in it.

  • Let the runners choose their waterbreaks – Apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Droid such as those on, help meeting planners plan and operate successful meetings and tradeshows. To boost excitement in your attendees, ask them to download the Meeting Mngr Pro iPad App “giving [them] an easy way to participate, create surveys,vote, share documents and give feedback in real time.” Let your attendees vote for which sessions will be first or which forums they’d like to attend.

  • Free running shoes for all - Do NOT neglect the conference beforehand by forgetting to give it the attention it deserves!  Utilize free social media platforms to ramp up excitement in your attendees. Upload Videos on YouTube, photos on Flickr or Facebook from previous years. Create a twitter account for the event and a hashtag to create a momentum of excitement pre-conference, Tweet Chats, LinkedIn Discussions and more. Open the channels and choose the content to push out pre-conference.

  • Train and condition before the race - you’ll need everyone there to be participating right? Get your company ready for the conference. It won’t be successful if everyone shows up to run in the race but isn’t ready or prepared. Create a schedule of how you’ll engage your attendees pre-conference.

Do you have any experience in having attendees engage before a conference?  Any other marathon tips you have to add for this race?