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Destination Guide: What will you do in Loudoun County, Virginia?

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Maybe you’ve seen our property in Leesburg, Virginia or the title of this blog caught your eye. When you’re planning a meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia, there are plenty of activities for your group. From DC’s wine country to shopping in charming towns and villages , well we won’t spoil the rest. Read the destination guide and uncover all that there is to do in Loudoun County.

One of our conference planning managers are always happy to arrange an itinerary for you to get away and explore. Visit Loudoun is also a great resource to helping you find activities that interest you the most or even telling you more about the destination.

What favorite spot would you recommend to groups visiting Loudoun? Tell us how your ideal itinerary would look.

Overdoing Food Home to Your Meeting’s Destination

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Fried Rice Balls (Flickr)

Much of your audience at a conference are open to experiencing new food to embrace the culture of the meeting’s destination. However, for an average healthy eater, a conference organizer can over-do it on the food of a destination by not offering other options. You can satisfy most your attendees who enjoy immersing themselves in a culture but leave the other half unhappy and ready to leave to eat their traditional salad or chicken with a side of vegetables for dinner.

How much is too much?

Not offering any alternatives to meals like southern deep-fried everything can be unpleasant for your attendees. Those healthy eaters are faced with skipping a meal and not being able to focus in their sessions or searching for a place to eat with foods they’re accustomed to eating. When every meal serves the staples of a meeting’s destination, the event’s theme is transferred to the meetings but can lose a personal factor. Attendees need food that speaks to them like vegetables and fruits. You can over-do it by serving only biscuits and gravy, bacon, french toast and sausage at breakfast and deep-fried everything for lunch and dinner.

Tips to Remember!

Don’t forget when you’re so busy embracing the destination’s food staples, that it may be brain food. What is brain food? Items proven to enhance meeting performance. Red-meats, sweets, pastas, fried foods and foods dipped in butter are not only unhealthy but also prohibit the attendees from their full learning potential. To read more about foods that enhance and prohibit learning in meetings and conferences, read our white paper.

How do you find the balance between embracing a meeting destination’s food and providing healthy options?

“Getting Lost is a Good Thing!”

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Forget your technology, break your routine and immerse yourself in Loudoun County. In this weekly web series that follows two women and two men over two months, watch to see their adventures and even a special appearance from Washington Redskins tightend, Chris Cooley in the second episode. Whether you want to get lost in Loudoun for travel or for your next meeting, you might just get lost in these videos as you discover the destination.

To watch the other episodes of Get Lost in Loudoun, check them out on Visit Loudoun’s Get Lost website.