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An Eighth-Grader’s Take On The National Conference Center

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

Ever wonder how a younger person would perceive your organization? We did too!

Through a partnership with Belmont Ridge Middle School, our conference center has designed an annual program for selected eighth graders to participate in.  The students meet once a month and job shadow an event planner, team members in the catering department, our Director of Food & Beverage as well as Executive Chef Craig Mason.

Last week was the first session for the 2010-2011 school year where the students toured the conference center, learned about occupations… and well, here’s what Steven C. says about The National Conference Center -

“This past week, in my sixth block resource, I attended the National Conference Center (NCC) Business Partnership Program.  The building was very large and had three main sections to it: North, South, and West sections.  While attending, I was enlightened by many interesting people and occupations.  I learned that NCC has over one million square feet on the property and employs thousands upon thousands of people.  I also learned that I will be educated on proper culinary techniques, how to partner up with other businesses, and how to plan a party.  The thing I enjoyed learning the most while there was seeing how much food is actually needed during any ceremony at NCC and how quickly that food is replaced.  When we walked into the huge pantry, all I could see was shelves and shelves of food.  During my sixth block resource I will go the National Conference Center and will continue to enjoy learning these life skills.”

Thank you Steven!  We look forward to seeing you next month.  Stay tuned for other featured students who were selected to write on their experience.