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Royalty Parking for 12, please

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Buildings, companies, and communities “going green” are making efforts from the interior to the exterior to become as environmentally friendly as possible. Externally, their initiatives are beyond having a green thumb in the garden. Today, an increasing number of companies are providing convenient front-row parking spots for hybrid and electric cars. This serves as an incentive to those who drive eco-friendly vehicles and encourages others to make the switch.

Regionally, changes have been made during renovations of the George Howard building in Ellicott City, Baltimore; the building hosts permanent offices for Howard government agencies and weekly meetings for the City Council Chamber.  During the two year project, arrangements were made for twenty hybrid parking spots in their exterior phase of the construction. Additionally, Marco Island in Florida with a population of 14,000 has created two new parking spots at their City Hall.  As reported in The Marco Island Sun Times, “With so many sporty, attractive, smaller vehicles on the market, the first step to better fuel efficiency and saving money is simply downsizing the vehicle.”

With an increasing trend in low emission alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles, there are a variety options to choose from such as stop-starts, diesel, plug-in hybrids, smart car, global electric motor, and the hybrid.  According to Mike Harris the owner of GEM in Marco Island, GEMs have “a 30-mile driving range, which makes it an ideal community vehicle. Costing about two cents a mile to run, the vehicle is an effective way to be environmentally sensitive, and it’s easy on the pocketbook.”

Other companies and communities investing in Hybrid parking include Ikea, Harris Teeter, Home Depot, libraries,  malls, and more.  At the National Conference Center, we’re investing in Hybrid parking spots.  NCC has made plans to arrange for 12 new spots for guests with low-emission vehicles at the conference center.  For our associates at the National Conference Center, there are designated parking spots for those who carpool to work.

In the end, among the many reasons to invest in a hybrid such as cost savings and protecting the environment, car owners are being rewarded with comfort and pleasure.