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“Sips for Thought”: Your Guide to Meeting Drinks

Friday, August 26th, 2011

In our collection of past food for thought posts, we covered break stations food options, breakfast, trends and more. To focus on the drinks that enhance performance at meetings we’re naming it “sips for thought” – a subcategory of food for thought. What are these drinks?

1. Coffee - 

This beverage is a true superfood and is most healthy consumed
without sugar and low-fat milk (if you’re a coffee and cream kind of person).

Photo Credit: Mr T in DC

2. Tea -

Drinking tea whether it’s regular, green or specialty helps brain cognition and memory

Photo Credit: myopiapix

3. Water -

Water maintains levels of energy and hydration for the brain for better meetings.
Adding lemons is the perfect way to start your day for antioxidants.

Photo Credit: Maile Lane

4. Fresh juice (not from concentrate) -

100% fruit juice with no sugar added is a good alternative to water.
Cranberry, blueberry, orange and pomegranate juice are all nutrient-dense juices.

Photo Credit: Disney Mike

5. Brain Boosting Smoothies or juice with fruit -

Proteins keep the brain alert and active – adding almond milk to a fruit smoothie
will help you maintain energy all day long.

With Your Guide to Meeting Drinks, we hope you feel equipped to ask your meeting venues for Sips for Thought menu options. Were you already incorporating “brain drinks” into your menu options? What’s your favorite choice? Would you consider suggesting a “create your own smoothie” station in a dining room for breakfast?

To read more about food for thought, find the white paper here.