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Did you catch Food for Thought on the Cover of Corporate & Incentive Travel?

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Are you a fan of Food for Thought? The concept of feeding yourself “brain food” for enhanced performance in the workplace and in meetings. In our Spring issue of Meeting Discoveries, “The Science of Food for Thought: Enhancing Meetings Through Food” we paired Executive Chef Craig Mason and Andrea Sullivan of BrainStrength Systems in an interview on how they create food for thought menus, what those items are and best practices. The white paper helped this duo gain publicity and landed them in a 5 page spread in the August issue of Corporate & Incentive Travel, not to mention Chef Mason on the cover of the magazine.

The magazine article includes the science of food for thought and brain food basics by Andrea Sullivan and Executive Chef Craig Mason. Mason even discusses break stations here at The National Conference Center. For planners, you may find the best solutions for brain food challenge the most resourceful for booking meetings and conferences. There’s also a recipe from Sullivan and Mason; imagine something tasty that’s great brain fare and you’ll have a warm dish of stuffed chicken breast with asparagus, red pepper and asiago cheese. In the article, you’ll find out all you need to know about reinventing receptions, desserts, farm to fork, sustainable seafood and offsetting brain drain.


If you read the article, what were your thoughts?