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Educating Your Attendees on Breakstation Options

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

In the post Are Your Attendees Ready for Food for Thought?, we told the story of attendees who weren’t inclined to the idea of boiled eggs and hummus on the break-stations. Why? Because education on food for thought wasn’t available on our break stations and as a result, they didn’t understand why it was being served. We created signs on the break-stations educating your attendees on the menu options. The article is a condensed version of [our Spring white paper] The Science of Food for Thought: How Food Enhances Meetings and includes what Executive Chef Craig Mason thinks of the afternoon sugar rush, foods Andrea Sullivan says you need to avoid and the list of top snacks to enhance meeting performance.

Would an informational sign like this help your attendees make better choices? If you’re invested in food for thought for improved meeting performance, do you believe your attendees are equally as interested?