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Ever wonder what happens to old light bulbs after your event? [VIDEO]

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Going green with baby steps? The easiest way to do go green at home is to replace your old incandescent light bulbs with CFLs as they burn out. Have you ever thought about all the lights required for the perfect lighting at your events venue? For NCC, with 917 guest rooms (4 light bulbs in each room), 250 meeting rooms, and overall space that spans over 265,000 square feet – that adds up to A LOT of light bulbs. On a five-year plan to to replace all incandescent light bulbs with CFLs, you can imagine we collect a lot of light bulbs that have the potential to be recycled. What do we do with old light bulbs? We crush them! John, who works in our Facilities Department has been crushing light bulbs for two years and invited us in to watch him recycle a batch of burnt-out CFL light bulbs. Here he goes:


Conference Center Named 2010 Green Business of The Year

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

From farm-to-table recipes to tips on being green, The National Conference Center (NCC) is at the forefront of being green in the travel industry. Located in Loudoun County also known as DC’s Wine Country, the entire county takes pride in maintaining a sustainable environment and promoting green initiatives among their companies.

The Loudoun County Green Business Challenge is an annual search to find the “greenest” company of them all. The challenge rates companies based on their size and a point system and the more “green” a company is, the more points. At the 2010 Green Business Challenge, The National Conference Center was named Green Medium Business Winner and Green Platinum Business of the Year.

We’re honored to be one of the greenest companies in the county and are focused on continuing to advance our green initiatives in 2011 and years to come. Here’s are a few words from Kurt Krause, the General Manager at The National Conference Center -

The National Conference Center has been a “Green Seal” Certified Property since 2005.