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Wellness at Meetings: How Important Is It To You And Your Attendees?

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

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In a July edition of USAE, fitness and wellness remained a topic for planners. The concept of planners partnering with hotels to offer special perks for active travelers has sparked an interest.

The article explains,

“While fitness breaks and healthy menus remain popular, travel professionals working with time constraints recognize that many attendees value the ability to maintain their exercise routines outside planned agendas. Indeed, incorporating fitness into programs can often enhance mood and energy of groups.”

We focused heavily on healthy menu options and breakstations through a farm to fork and a food for thought program. Here at NCC, we heard requests from guests and employees to offer more activities; now our creative Food and Beverage department has been actively brainstorming a monthly calendar  filled with unique events such as Rock, Paper, Scissors tournaments, fitness outings and specials in our two lounges to promote health, wellness, bonding and networking, yet still appealing to every generation.What are some of the fitness activities we’re offering in August?

  • Workout buddy – Guests and employees  grab a workout buddy and meet on Mondays at 5 pm in the fitness center.
  • Salsa dancing - Our most popular event on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm. Guests enjoy the lessons and express what a work out it is!
  • Yoga – Guests relax and stretch in yoga session on Tuesdays at 5 pm in the back room of the fitness center.
  • Kimpo - On Thursdays at 5 pm, join our staff for an intense cardio workout with punching and kicking for endurance, balance and coordination.

As we mentioned in an earlier post, we’re currently hosting a friendly health and wellness competition mocking NBC’s The Biggest Loser, named NCC’s Biggest Winner. Our staff are the majority of those participating in the outdoor run and walk, but the number of guests participants are gaining momentum. Whether these activities are mainly employees of NCC or guests, we see fitness programs as an opportunity for everyone, rather than a luxury. Who wants to be sitting in a hotel room? Get out, explore and socialize.

How important is it for you and your attendees to have opportunities for fitness on business travel? Have you seen an increase for this need? From experience, are attendees more apt to participate during breaks or before/after meetings in the morning/evening?


5 Tips To Not Breaking Your Healthy Eating Habits At Meetings & Conferences

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Option 1 vs. Option 2: Which are you more likely to pick on business travel?

Triple B Skewers at Chocolates Galore 2011 – Steak Wrapped in Bacon with  Mashed Potatoes

Martini Greek Salads at our January Tasting for clients

We’re all probably guilty of enjoying a dessert we could have skipped or over-filling a plate at conference reception. As a follow up to yesterday’s post about NCC’s  “Biggest Winner” competition in our offices and the trend in other offices, we decided to focus on the what-if’s of business travel. If you’re participating in a friendly-competition of healthy eating and fitness like the “Biggest Loser” what happens when you travel? We don’t believe it should be put to the way-side. The June post,  “Finding time for fitness outside of meetings” we discussed tips to maintaining your fitness routine on business travel. Today, here are 5 tips to still winning your work’s biggest loser competition or meeting your own expectations while away for meetings and conferences:

  1. Order before you arrive – only figuratively speaking, but decide what you’ll order before you get to the restaurant or even see the menu. If you do view the menu online prior to arriving, choose a healthy option such as turkey, fish or salad and stick with it.
  2. Know that one day gone wrong can ruin a week of healthy eating  - one evening of gorging at a reception can ruin an entire week’s of hard work at the gym and eating healthy.
  3. Sugar, chocolate, candy – if you’re in the mood for something sweet, opt for fruit. Fruit has the type of sugar our bodies need. You’ll notice most diets don’t require you to eat chocolate or sugar, correct?
  4. Refrain from consuming just because  - too often with break stations or buffets, we can throw off any healthy habits by consuming food just because it’s there. Refrain from consuming and before approaching any break-station or buffet, decide what you’ll have and refrain from straying towards other options. (Refer back to #1).
  5. Expand outside your airport terminal - we’ve learned over years, convenience is not always healthy. Don’t be afraid to walk to other concourses for healthier options. The scale and your health will thank you later! Plus, you’ll get some fitness walking beyond your terminal.

Do you practice healthy eating habits at meetings and conferences? What are your best techniques? Do you provide healthy alternatives to your meeting attendees and inform them of the alternatives?