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The Biggest Loser makes its way to offices

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

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You may be familiar with NBC’s Biggest Loser Competition, which is a reality TV-series based on a group of contestants who are competing to lose the most weight for health reasons and a cash prize. Employees looking for healthier lifestyles, a more adequate lunch menu that fosters healthy eating and a balance between work and fitness are beginning Biggest Loser competitions in their own offices. At The National Conference Center, our human resources team partnered with the food and beverage department to establish “The Biggest NCC Winner Competition,” which is a 3-month program to a healthier YOU.

  • Gradual changes – Last Friday, the buffet in staff dining was transformed into a healthy eater’s paradise. The buffet bar was filled with mixed greens and healthy salad toppings, fruits, whole wheat pasta, fish options and for dessert – fruit or fat-free vanilla pudding. While Friday’s menu kicked off the “Biggest Winner” competition in a complete 180 transformation, the Food and Beverage department is committed to serving more healthy options in the employee dining room every day.
  • The weigh-in – Yesterday, participating employees privately weighed in and chose a photo from a choice of fruits or vegetables. Cleverly designed by the HR department, employees will anonymously track their progress with their chosen fruit or veggie photo. Every two weeks, participating staff members will weigh-in until the end of the competition on October 20th.
  • Team-effort - although you can participate as a team or individually, a new and exciting board in NCC’s employee dining room is targeted to sharing education, healthy recipes and activities with others. Our ARAMARK/NCC team is encouraged to support each other in eating better, getting more exercise and taking the initiative to starting a healthier lifestyle.
  • The grand prize – Like NBC’s “Biggest Loser Competition,” NCC’s “Biggest Winner” will not only have lost the most weight but they’ll be on their way to a healthier lifestyle and receive a grand prize of $500! Money seems to not be the only motivating factor. Our human resources department has received an overwhelming amount of feedback about wanting healthier options in the dining room which means they’re ready to make better choices!

NCC’s new and exciting healthier YOU board in the employee dining room

So far, 35% of The National Conference Center’s 250 employees have signed up to participate in the challenge. Our human resources department is excited by percentage of participants and to see how eager our ARAMARK team is about changing their lifestyle for the better. Is your office participating in a Biggest Loser/Winner challenge? What are you motivating factors? Meeting planners, how do you think the shift in healthier eating and lifestyle habits, will affect employees who are on business travel?