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Why Holistic Retreats Are Seeing An All-Time Peak

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Holistic Retreats – why the trend?  When we think about the concept – “Green” + Organic + Self-Renewal & Education, it’s really no surprise there’s an increasing popularity in these type of retreats.

Holistic retreats defined as an attempt to treat both the mind and the body incorporates organic food and “green” activities to enrich and nourish the heart, mind, body, and spirit.

The emerging popularity in holistic retreats is a result of several factors:

  1. Easy Lifestyle Solution - Americans are spending more money on healthcare than any other country. According to Dr. Oz (of The Dr. Oz Show), 70% of aging processes are driven by lifestyle changes. We can change the culture and wellness of Americans with healthcare coaches such as holistic retreats, which make it easier for us to do the right thing and live the healthy way.

  2. Organic is Trendy – everyone is looking for the newest way to cleanse their body and eat all natural. Holistic retreats exemplify organic living with organic foods and professional wellness/detox services.

  3. Green Location – whether your holistic retreat is in on the outskirts of NYC, in the Caribbean, or in rural Northern Virginia, health coaches choose eco-friendly lodging so you can experience a safe and natural retreat.

  4. Life is Busy – we’re busy on our laptops, iPods, iPads, smartphones, social media and always seeking to be “connected” in some way.  People need and want a break from the urge to always feel “connected” by experiencing silence and relaxation. Maybe you need to find your voice again and you’ve lost it with a million thoughts running through your mind. For the same reason some people chose to do yoga or meditation, men and women are choosing a day or weekend on a holistic retreat.

  5. Feel Good, Again – Perhaps you aren’t going on a holistic retreat for any other reason than the fact that you would like to pamper yourself to a weekend of reflexology, body wraps, and other spa services.  Don’t be shy to gift yourself or family and friends with something you both deserve.

Want to learn more? Visit the American Holistic Health Association to read the latest articles and receive referrals. Some choose nearby holistic retreats, but for those who enjoy traveling and can’t find someone to make the leap with, Thelma and Louise is a great resource for women to make friends who are seeking other travel companions.

In DC, MD, and VA check out Wholistic Woman Retreats – to find out about their upcoming holistic woman retreats which includes retreat talks, breakout sessions, overnight stay, 3 meals, refreshments throughout the day, and a wine & cheese reception among other amenities.