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[RECAP] In the past week at NCC

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011


Colson embraces Dustin Shipley, from Minneapolis. He is funny before a crowd and quick to hug fans.


Religion, hearing, literacy, and conference centers are just a few items we advocate for at The National Conference Center. In the past week, we’ve served as a “center hub” for non-profits, associations, and beyond. Here’s a recap of some of the more public events at NCC:

  • Evangelist Chuck Colson challenged a new group of Centurions to become a spiritual clone of himself and accept the obstacle of religious pluralism. According to The Washington Post, “They are regular people for the most part, though graduates include a few politicos (Bill Redmond, a former New Mexico congressman, and Bob Snelling, a former member of the Georgia House) and high-ranking executives (former Freddie Mac vice president Chris Morris and Documentary Channel Chief Executive James Ackerman).”  Read more from “Evangelist Charles Colson’s final mission: Spiritually cloning himself” at The National Conference Center last Monday.
  • American Girl Dolls Generate Hearing Aids – Each Spring, Blue Ridge Speech & Hearing hosts their annual American Girls Fashion Show for mothers and daughters to enjoy an afternoon of dolls and tea. Blue Ridge’s ultimate goal this past Sunday? To raise funds for hearing aids for children in Loudoun County. Watch Loudoun Times Mirror’s YouTube Video from the event which generated six hearing aids for families at no cost to them.
  • Be a BOLD Speller: Corporate Spelling Bee – B-A-T was in first grade, and when you’re in the Loudoun Literacy Council’s spelling bee, this is one competitive challenge you don’t want to miss! On Monday night, corporations from around Northern Virginia met for the challenge to spell and raise money to educate those below or at the poverty level in Loudoun County. Brian Mitchell, former Washington Redskins made an appearance as a spelling bee judge and was not reluctant to call players out. Rounds included spelling backwards, replacing vowels with “B,” and a spelling speed race. We won the title of 1st place and anticipate supporting Loudoun Literacy Council again in 2012.
  • IACC: Providing for Our Peers – Members of the International Association of Conference Centers (IACC) slowly trickled in on Tuesday evening of last week and expanded into a 300-person conference. Over the course of the week, members discussed best practices, learned about technology in the hospitality world, and savored the taste of exquisite dishes prepared daily by a group of talented Executive Chefs in the house. To find out what you missed from the conference, read “11 Takeaways from IACC 2011.

If you weren’t able to make it to these events, we hope to see you at them next year!