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The Biggest Mistake Your Company Could Be Making

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

You’re hoping your company isn’t making the biggest mistake, but one of the biggest mistakes is doing nothing at all.  In an article posted on, a website for business owners – writer, Ann Handley covers interviews Steve Garfield, author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business, to find out how companies are increasing their revenue with online videos (and, the biggest marketing mistake some companies are making).

In the article, Steve Garfield gives some advice:

  • Decide on your goals: What’s most important content or quality? Content is very simple and easy to accomplish – you can start today with a flip camera or images. If quality is most important, then you’ll need to map out the time and money to accomplish it.

  • Know your goals once their decided: Knowing your goals makes it easier to measure success and the effectiveness of the video.

  • Give your company a brand or image: The benefit of a video is it provides viewers with an insight of what your company does and/or what it’s like to work with you and your team.

  • Test out your online video: You can easily create your videos without a video camera, such as with mashups of existing video, screencasts and photo slideshows. Live-streaming broadcasts is also an easy way to get online.

  • Decide whether your CEO should be included: It’s up to your company and the image they would like to create. Robert Scoble is the face of Microsoft, and that works for them. Ask for your CEO and see if he or she would be interested.

He suggests that these companies find a video blogger, similar to how they identified a blogger to write for them. According to Garfield, companies make two mistakes: The first mistake is being afraid to try and the second is not using it.

You can’t be afraid to try – “A record high of nearly 31 billion videos (yes, billion) were delivered to more than 170 million US Internet users in November 2009, according to comScore.”

At the National Conference Center, we made the leap. We created an online video for NCC and our sister property, West Belmont Place. Since then we’ve posted it to YouTube and several other outlets. We believe this is representative of our image and what we do here at The National Conference Center. Let us know what you think! To view our video for West Belmont Place, click the link.