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Pinterest to Plan Your Next Event (with Definitions)

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

As natural-born communicators, when trying to explain ideas that we’re envisioning we can do several things to portray a concept. Without being stereotypical, women for example will tear pages out of a magazine to show her stylist the hairdo she wants or send her friends several emails with links to place-settings that match her taste. Men on the other hand, might try to explain their idea without visuals or with a YouTube video they found. You may be tickled to know a new website helps make events easier to organize and share ideas. Pinterest, the new website that allows users to share their tastes was named by Time Magazine, “50 Best Websites of 2011.” Event planners are using it to show off their past work. While, clients who plan bigger events like galas are using it to portray concepts they appreciate.

To join Pinterest, you’ll need an e-invite by someone who is already a member. I first recommend brainstorming your mission in setting up an account, who your target audience will be and map-out your end-goal in establishing yourself on this social network. No one wants to join another social network they can’t keep up with, so if you think Pinterest may fit your clientele then make it your New Years Resolution to not let the site drop off your agenda half-way through the year.

Words to understand before implementing it with clients and events:

  • Board – It’s a virtual corkboard. For every “board” a user creates, it should categorize different interests. A client may have boards titled: Event themes we like, Neat audio-visual concepts, Creative centerpieces or Banquet Food Ideas.
  • Pin It - When a user wants to add a idea or photo to their board, they simply pin it virtually. Users can browse the boards of others and pin anything he or she finds inspiring. Users can also add a Pin It to their internet browser toolbar to easily pin things as they randomly come across ideas he or she likes.

With this new way to show event concepts and story-tell, you’ll also increase your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and possibly boost your business. Our blog post tomorrow will explain 5 Ways to Use Pinterest With a Client, how to meet them on the same page and build a strong loyal relationship. Planners, have you joined Pinterest yet? What are your thoughts? Have you clients jumped on board?