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Trends in “Green” Meeting Snacks

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Trends in the hospitality industry are always changing, especially in food & beverage.

In September, The Food Channel posted the Top 5 Snack Trends:

  1. Chips and dip: off-beat brand chips and dips that are healthier and spicer.
  2. Small and sensational: mini-versions of the real thing so you’re free to graze, i.e. sliders
  3. Health drinks: exotic teas, fruity organic waters, carbonated fruit drinks, and antioxidant smoothies.
  4. Nuts: all types of nuts whether its mixed or a granola bar of nuts.
  5. Unordinary Fruit: mangos, kiwi, goji berries locally sourced

What about the top snack trends in green meetings?

Top Green Snack Trends:

  1. Bulk Dispensers: Ordering snacks in mass quantity to place in bulk dispensers rather than in individual wrapping helps to eliminate unnecessary packaging.
  2. Organic Drinks: Organic Starbucks coffee available on all break stations for meeting attendees.  Not only does it have a health aspect, but an environmental incentive as well.
  3. Nuts + Spice: Mix the nut trend with spices and you have one of our most popular break station snacks, nuts with wasabi peas.
  4. Food For Thought: Food that will help you retain what you’ve been trained. Executive Chef Craig Mason works with his team to come up with fresh local food items known to stimulate the brain such as bananas, strawberries, and blueberries.
  5. Fruity Drink Concoctions: Fruit juices with actual whole pieces of fruit. On break stations, you’ll find a variety of juices – cranberry, apple, and grapefruit and now we’re noticing a trend in dropping whole fruit into the drinks (such as cantaloupe, cranberries, grapes, or bananas).
  6. For Fun – Edible Eating Utensils: We haven’t tried to eat them, but these eco-friendly utensils have an extra green advantage to them, they can be consumed – just depends how hungry you are that day.

Fruity Drink Concoctions

Nuts + Spice