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What will you do in your downtime at NCC?

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Foodspotting at NCC

You’re on business travel for work. You’ve unpacked your suitcase and you’re laying in your guestroom at The National Conference Center, except it’s only 3:00 pm. There’s plenty to explore at the conference center, throughout Loudoun County, and in DC during your trip.

On Property…

  • Black Olive Sports Bar & Hop ‘N Vine – Black Olive Sports Bar provides entertainment at the end of your meeting day. Most evenings showcase karaoke, established Northern Virginia bands, pool tables, and 16 flat-screen TVs with the most popular sporting games. Jump over to Hop ‘N Vine the wine bar featuring local Virginia wines and beers as well as Asian and Mediterranean specialty dishes.
  • Wii Lounge or Red Commons – Games appeal to you most? The Wii Lounge whether for fun or as a team building exercise offers excitement above Black Olive Sports Bar. Red Commons is also perfect if you just want to relax and give your mind a rest – with a ping pong table, TV, seating lounge, and pool tables.
  • Fitness – Whoever said there aren’t enough options for exercise on business travel, hadn’t been at The National Conference Center. Choose your favorite means of exercise between the 24-hour fitness center on property, 1.3 mile loop road surrounding the conference center, and Flexx Sports Center featuring courts, lap swimming pool, and more.

On Property {Interactive}…

  • Foursquare - check in as you arrive on property for a special and tips from other guests. Leave a review of NCC on TripAdvisor, Yelp, Google or other review sites and you’ll be entered for a chance to win a $100 VISA giftcard.**
  • Green QR Code Tour – you’ll need your smart phone as you walk around property scanning QR Codes. The first stop starts in the lobby as you discover how the conference center is eco-friendly and providing you with green meetings.
  • SCVNGRRestaurants first gained popularity with this app. You can use SCVNGR’s challenges option¬† to answer trivia questions about The National Conference Center and earn points to redeem them for a reward. In Loudoun County, the SCVNGR trek will guide in you exploring the County’s finest landmarks.
  • Foodspotting- Want to share what Executive Chef Craig Mason has prepared for lunch or dinner? Are you bragging to friends at home about a prepared breakfast from Paula Steves ‘Omelette Lady’ or dessert from our Sous Chef Willy Valdivia? “Spot” it on Foodspotting and share with others.

Sunset Hills Vineyard / Photo Credit: Linda of

In Loudoun County…

  • Outlets or Wine Country - With reservations, our shuttles take you to the Leesburg Premium Outlets for the best local deals in upscale shops. Loudoun County is also known as DC’s Wine Country and includes almost 30 vineyards for you to swirl and sip. Our transportation services can also you get you to and from your destination vineyard quickly and safely.
  • Restaurants or Historic Leesburg – Ancestors of the Civil War have not forgotten about Leesburg, Virginia. Civil War Battlefields, bumpy cobblestone roads, and historic structures still remain in downtown Leesburg today. NCC’s shuttles can bring you to the main street in Leesburg for you to explore exquisite dining and sight-see the town’s heritage.

In Washington, D.C…

  • “Get-away & Explore” Package - The “Get-away & Explore” package gives guests the option to see DC’s famous monuments in one evening – Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, Two Jima Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, and more.

Options such as these give meeting planners the distraction-free environment they’re looking for in meetings during the day with the benefits of allowing attendees to roam the conference center’s 110 acre property and explore the nearby sites. As a meeting planner or event professional, do you have a preference to the setting of your meetings? Or, if you’re an attendee – does the meeting location matter to you?

**One winner of a VISA giftcard will be chosen on 12/31/11.

5 Tips to Successful Team Building Conferences

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

In a previous post, “Meeting Organizers: Make Time for Fun” we discussed the importance of giving attendees time to sightsee and a break way from the meeting material, in order to¬† increase energy levels with breaks , but what about utilizing free time for team-building? The best team building activities help attendees understand the key messages to take from the conference.

Deciding whether you’ll want to planning team building activities can be one of the more challenging tasks, so if you’re thinking about it – here’s 5 Tips for Deciding on Team-Building Strategies for Conferences:

  • Will you have a team-building exercise? If yes, who will plan it? Team building exercises can be the perfect beginning, middle or end to a conference. Once you decide you’d like team building part of your conference – decide who will be in charge of planning the exercise. Planning is typically done by a meeting planner or a team-building expert such as Teambonding.
  • Decide what you want the results to be. It’s the first step in planning a team-building activity. Don’t walk into a team-building exercise blindly, your attendees will find it to be a waste of their time. Once you know who is planning and what your goal is, planning will run smoothly.
  • Budgets – Team-building doesn’t always have to be expensive. Using a team building company will require a larger budget, but who says you have to go that route? Utilize the space at the conference center or hotel. Ask your planning manager on property about different unique space to utilize for team building activities such as an outdoor courtyard or a space like NCC’s Wii Lounge.
  • Be sure to encourage open communication before it begins - encourage the teams to have open communication with each other and express their thoughts for a more successful experience. Also, make sure the team members take the team building experience serious as well.
  • Define the roles prior and let the teams share their experiences after – Always optional but one consideration to team-building activities is to create several teams with defined and undefined roles. Allow the teams to discuss their team building experience after – teams will be amazed to see who won, who failed, and who worked the best together.

NCC Wii Lounge

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